TOCA2 Touring Cars Patch

The respective patches below update the European and Japanese retail versions to 4.1.

Features of the patches:

Bug Fixes

  • Game should no longer stop before moving to the lights at the start of championship races
  • The game should now correctly identify when the CD is present on 36x and faster drives
  • Incorrect signposts at the Loch Ranoch track fixed
  • Analogue rev counters in high resolutions should now be displayed correctly
  • '+1 Lap' on Spanish results tables now correctly placed
  • Incorrect High Score track info being displayed for Test Track Oval in SCC High Scores
  • Network mode performance and reliability improved
New Features / Enhancements
  • AI scripting enabled, allows you to change driver and track stats
  • Replays now record up to 20+ laps depending on track, analogue/digital controller etc
  • Individual Lap Time indicator now on replays
  • New cheat mode to disable AI cars in single race, allows for multiple lap Time Trials
  • Chat screen after each network race added
  • In-Race chat function added
  • Latency display added to network mode
  • No collision network mode added
  • Single Catch-up network mode added
  • If qualifying in Network mode is disabled then human players will always be placed in reverse order of the previous races results
  • 30 second timeout in network games after 1st person crosses finish line
  • Brands Hatch track, bottom of Paddock Hill smoothed out to help reduce spinning

The DirectX component DirectPlay version 6.1a is included with the patch


Download the appropriate file dependant on whether you have the European or Japanese retail version and then run the executable to patch TOCA2.
TOCA2 Touring Cars PC Patch 4.1

European Retail

Japanese Retail