Insane PC Patch

The Patch

  • In CMN ladder games, Free Roam is now disabled as a game mode and Jamboree is set as the Default mode
  • In the Championship mode, the congratulations screen does not award the Location Generator after winning every class
  • After playing Insane through CMN, you can now see the votes at the end of games
  • Gamma Correction in game is now enabled
  • Launcher specifies game id to CMN
  • When entering the CAC code and playing a competition game, the CRC display now resets after going into demo mode
  • In spectator mode, when you chat to other players, the chat text is now displayed in the correct position on screen
  • Game length units update correctly when viewed in CMN lobby
  • Dropped out players are now shown on the results screen
  • Win2k launcher problem fixed

After downloading this patch (and unzipping if necessary), double click on the exe file. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the files in your Insane PC installation.
PC Patch



PC Patch