KALL AUTO CAMP - Åre, Sweden

KALL AUTO CAMP at Åre, Sweden, is where optimal driving conditions meet first-class hospitality in a stunning wonderland surrounding.

Itís where the automotive industry can offer their customers tailor-made training courses and driving events as well as conferencing in a professional environment. Itís where the experienced Rally driver will be challenged by the most superb roads to be found. And itís where even the most seen-it-all-blasť company executives will find a thrilling event in Europe's last real wilderness.

The area of Kall is widely acknowledged as an excellent place for testing rally cars and has been used by leading rally teams for years. With the introduction of Kall Auto Camp this Rally and adventure diamond is now opened up to a wider audience.

The facilities includes a 32 room state of the art hotel and provides first class services regarding accommodation and hospitality as well as in the driving activities themselves.

Here you can combine your driving event with a broad mix of leisure experiences and pastime. Adventurous or just relaxing ≠ breathtaking all the same