Rally Finland

Surface: Gravel

The Rally Finland is often seen as the epitome of the sport. A ferociously fast gravel event, it requires immense bravery to launch the car into the air at more than 100mph, but that is what the drivers must do to be in contention at the end.

Finland's roads require intimate knowledge, and that perhaps explains why only three people, all of them Finns, have won this event since 1994. Colin has done well on this surface in the past, but he is now more determined than ever to break the domestic stranglehold on the event and take victory with Citroen.

A natural affinity for the air serves drivers well in Finland as many of the fast roads are full of 'yumps'. Colin has marked himself out as a spectacular driver throughout his career and he continues to delight when the surface gets as challenging as that found in the rally formerly known as the '1000 Lakes'.

Finland is as scenic as any other on the calendar, and the Scandinavian fans are as fanatical as any. Deeply knowledgeable and appreciative of good driving, the Finnish always prove a welcoming and enthusiastic crowd.

Thanks to his somewhat Scandinavian style of driving, and distinct lack of fear, Colin has been taken to the hearts of the public in Finland. Of course he won't be so popular if he breaks the Finnish stranglehold on this rally.