Rally Cyprus

Surface: Gravel

Just down the road from the Acropolis, it comes as no surprise that Cyprus has similar terrain, rocky, dry, dusty, slippery, gravel tracks.

Unlike Greece, though, the island's roads tend to provide short blasts between tight bends. Traction and manoeuvrability tend to be the major factors contributing to success, therefore, and the Citroen should be a useful weapon because of this.

Cyprus is just as capable as Greece of breaking cars due to the rocks in the road and extreme heat. Luckily the service point is in Limassol, which virtually guarantees a gentle sea breeze during the brief periods of respite for the drivers and the most frenetic activity for the team crews.

Rally Cyprus has only been on the World Rally Championship stage since 2000, even though it has hosted European rallying since the 1970s, and Colin has already won it once behind the wheel of the Ford Focus. He finished second on the first visit, won it on the second occasion and rolled away victory in 2002.

He returns with the Xsara and is anxious to score points at least and hopefully add to his tally of wins.