Acropolis Rally

Surface: Gravel

The Acropolis Rally takes the drivers to the popular tourist destination of Lamia in Greece, but this is no summer holiday for the World Rally Championship and the teams have to work harder here than they do in most other places on the calendar.

Cars tend to suffer abuse due to the boulders and torn up roads taking their toll on suspension, sump guards and bodywork. It's rare to escape this event totally unscathed and attrition plays a large part in this rally.

The Acropolis has a number of fast sections that tax the driver and car, as the surface is never more than just about driveable. Once again this rally provides a test of bravery, as drivers know they can come round a flat out bend and hit a rock that would pitch them off the road in a heartbeat.

It is not just the terrain that breaks cars either, the fierce heat takes its toll on both man and machine and last year Richard Burns' co-driver Robert Reid passed out halfway through the stage. Fitness is vital at this event. Luckily that's a part of the sport Colin takes very seriously.

The Acropolis always attracts a mixed crowd of rabid locals and holidaymakers, which lends itself to a good atmosphere. All of them come to see rally cars at flat chat, with a plume of dust flying behind them, as they carve through some of the most rugged terrain on the WRC. The drivers will certainly deliver.