miscellaneous issues Insane PC FAQ

1 Problem: Cannot see anything on screen. All the graphics are greyed out.

Solution: The Fog table emulation for the graphics card may be turned off (although it should be 'on' by default). You can enable it using the following steps:-
  1. Right click on your desktop and select Properties.
  2. Now select Settings and then Advanced.
  3. Select your graphics card tab, Additional Properties then select Direct3D Settings.
  4. Make sure the Enable Fog table emulation is checked.
If you are unable to find this feature, you can simply disable the fog effect in the game by pressing Control-F.
2 Problem: When trying to run Insane on Windows 2000 the launcher remains on screen but the game does not run.

Solution: Download the Insane patch from our website.
3 Problem: When trying to set up a gameport Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel the message 'release all controls' keeps being displayed. It is not possible to set up the controls for this wheel.

Solution: You need to download and install the latest Sidewinder software (version 3.02) from www.microsoft.com.
4 Problem: When installing Insane an 'Error in data move process 117' is reported.

Solution: Select 'Typical Installation' instead of 'Full Installation'. If you have a Pioneer 114 DVD you need to update the drive's firmware.

If this does not cure the problem, it is likely that the disk is damaged.
5 Problem: When trying to set up a joystick the message 'release all controls' appears. The joystick has a throttle control.

Solution: Move the throttle control to the centre of its axis or until the 'release all controls' message disappears. You should then be able to set up the joystick's controls.
6 Problem: When using a Microsoft Controller, it is not possible to configure some of the controller functions in the game. Sometimes when trying to configure the 'Pause' button, the game hangs.

Solution: Make sure that no 'Profiles' are set up in the Sidewinder software.
7 Problem: When trying to set up a Steering Wheel in the game, the message 'release all controls' keeps appearing.

Solution: Please contact custservice@codemasters.com for a reg file that should fix this problem.