pc patch Colin McRae Rally

  If you're experiencing technical difficulties with Colin McRae Rally PC, the downloadable patch below should help you overcome these problems.

After downloading this patch, to execute double click on the exe file. This will automatically update the files in your Colin McRae Rally installation.

Patch fixes:
  • Copy protection fixed.
  • Medium and Full installations - Rally School hang fixed.
  • Australia 3 hang over jump fixed.
  • Qmixer sound file errors & conflicts fixed.
  • Force feedback self-centering added.
  • Improved graphic card support.
  • Dithering enabled.
  • Config file retained after uninstallation (keeps highscores & controller settings).
Please download European Patch unless the game was purchased in America or Italy - then download the appropriate patch.
European Patch v1.5

Colin McRae Rally


American Patch v1.5

Colin McRae Rally


Italian Patch v1.4

Colin McRae Rally