miscellaneous issues Colin McRae Rally 2.0 PC FAQ

1 Problem: When I run the game I get an error in the HID.DLL file.

Solution: You need to extract the HID.DLL from the Windows '98 Cabs. To copy this file in to the C:\Windows\System\ directory and overwrite the existing HID.DLL please follow the instructions below.
  1. Place the Windows98 CD in the drive. Now go to Start then Run and where it says 'Open' enter SFC and click OK.
  2. Click on 'Extract one file' and enter HID.DLL. Now click the Start button.
  3. Where it says 'Restore from' this should be the location of the Windows 98 CD. So If your CD-ROM drive is letter 'Q' it would read 'Q:\WIN98\.
    You don't need alter the 'Save file in' item. After this click on OK
  4. Now it will ask you to back up the HID.DLL file. Make a note of the directory if need be and then click on OK, then click yes to create the Folder.
  5. Now restart your PC and everything should now be Ok.

2 Problem: Game crashes with the Voodoo 3 driver ( Driver kit: 1.07.00 WHQL

Solution: This is a problem with the new drivers. Reverting back to the old drivers will solve this problem. You can download and install the older drivers from www.3dfx.com, version (Driver kit: 1.05.00) from the Archives section.
3 Problem: When force feedback is enabled the game runs very poorly with 'choppy' or low frames rates.

Solution: This is a known issue, which we are looking into. We hope to resolve this with a patch shortly.
4 Problem: When installing the game the following error is reported 'Please insert Disc 0 cannot find data3.cab'.

Solution: This is related to the Pioneer DVD 114 drive. You should update your firmware for this drive, which should cure the problem. Otherwise try installing the game on the minimum install option.
5 Problem: When using a standard Windows Joystick (e.g. 2 axis 4 button joystick) none of the options to change analogue/digital settings are available within the game. When using the joystick the steering is digital - i.e. hard left or hard right only.

Solution: Try setting your joystick up as a flight yoke - e.g. 2 axis 4 button flight yoke. This should enable you to play with analogue settings. For best performance you should set the acceleration and braking to analogue also.
6 Problem: When using a Microsoft Controller, it is not possible to configure some of the controller functions in the game. Sometimes when trying to configure the 'Pause' button, the game hangs.

Solution: Make sure that no 'Profiles' are set up in the Sidewinder software.
7 Problem: CMR2 does not allow the use of high detail cars with a Voodoo 2/3.

Solution: Unfortunately as the Voodoo 2/3 card only supports 16 bit textures, you are not able to select high detail on the cars. This is a limitation of the graphics card as the high detail textures are 32 bit.
8 Problem: After having completed a championship the game gets stuck at the Firework display. Whatever button is pressed seems to make no difference.

Solution: If you are playing via the keyboard you need to press the space bar. If you are playing using a controller you should try pressing the button you have allocated to 'handbrake' or 'rear view'.
9 Problem: When playing the Super Special Stages it is very hard to change gears when using the manual gear change option.

Solution: This is a known fault with some wheels (e.g. Guillemot and Thrustmaster). You will need to set your gears to 'Automatic' just for the Super Special Stages. We are addressing this problem and hope to have a fix soon.