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Welcome to the Hall of Fame. You may be familiar with the Hall of Fame, but if not here’s a short explanation….

Codemasters’ Halls of Fame allow the best player’s world-wide, to compete online by submitting their best racing times (in the form of a timecode awarded by the game on-screen) achieved at the end of a time trial race for example. Many of Codemasters’ games both for PC and PlayStation support the Hall of Fame feature. Games that support it are shown in the drop down menu above.

When you have a (Time Trial) time that's worthy enough to compete at a high level, submit the timecode above with your name and locality. If your time is at the top of the charts, it will be displayed with the other best times. Then, view your name with honour and pride in the illustrious online Hall of Fame!

The timecode (or checksum) is generated by the game if you've achieved an outstanding lap / stage time etc. In ToCA2, Colin McRae Rally and TOCA Touring Car Championship, the timecode is shown underneath your time in the High Score Screens. In Micro Machines V3 the timecode is shown underneath your time in the Player Record screens of the Stats Mode. Remember to write this down carefully, so you can submit the code when you visit here. It must be digit perfect. Good luck…..