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A personal message to all rally fans

Colin’s web-site has been overwhelmed with fans, well-wishers and those seeking more information.

On Monday evening the site was quite simply overwhelmed as almost half a million people tried to access it and read the Book of Condolences.

We understand that some national news networks have also had to take down their own personal tributes to Colin because demand on their sites threatened to disrupt their own services. This added even more pressure to Colin’s site.

We are quite simply stunned by this reaction, but as a family, we have drawn great strength from your kind words and support from all around the globe.

We are pleased to report that the facility has now been restored under a different format, allowing access to the 2,500 most recent messages

Just as your lives appear to have been touched in some way by Colin, so ours have been touched by your thoughtfulness. It is a very humbling experience and we are truly grateful for all your support and kind words.

The McRae Family


Please note due to the massive amount of traffic the site is currently experiencing this page may run slowly at times. We are doing everything we can to rectify this and we thank you for your patience.



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Colin McRae was a true legend and a gentleman, may i express my heartfelt condolences to both families.
TONY J LAYZELL - 27/09/2007 09:06:28

Please accept my sincere condolences for your sad and tragic loss
Andy Morris - 27/09/2007 09:06:20

Un grande dolore ci accomuna per tutto l'accaduto, un grande abbraccio alla famiglia.
andrea de pasqual - 27/09/2007 09:03:39

Remember, enjoy and be strong - life is very cruel but light comes back and in that light you see the colour of love x
Pamela Craddock - 27/09/2007 09:03:27

I've walked many miles and spent many hours sitting in the cold, wet stages of rallies to catch the mere glimpse of Colin. Never did his 11/10ths style disappoint, the only question would be how much of the car had failed to keep up with him! Sadly missed
Dave Roberts - 27/09/2007 09:00:33

i'm from greece.i remember colin from acropolis and i have also a picture with him and he was smiling like a child being happy for his vicory...greece will never forget this will be something missing.i hope his family will be strong in this situation.keep holding on because i believe that colin is watching you now and will keep you's so sad. we will never forget you!!! greece adores you. nicole m.
nicole michael - 27/09/2007 08:57:27

R.I.P. Colin, Johnny, Ben Porcelli and Graeme Duncan Our thoughts are with the families at this very difficult time.
Cameron McKenzie - 27/09/2007 08:56:21

Colin entertained me for 9 years solid with his rally games im relly gonna miss him
Ryan Australia - 27/09/2007 08:51:51

God rest Colin Mcrae, and all those who tragically lost their lives, he was my hero in motorsport and without his presence the sport will never be the will always be the best.
phil black - 27/09/2007 08:47:33

One of the greatest rally driver has gone..
Bima Hari Wibowo - 27/09/2007 08:45:02

I send my heartfelt best wishes to the McRae Family, the family of Ben and Graeme. To have these lives cut so short is a tragedy. Colin was an inspiration to many - those who knew him and those who did not. Will be sorely missed. Jacqui x
Jacqueline Baker - 27/09/2007 08:34:32

On behalf of all my colleagues here from Renault-Sport HQ in France, where we always admired the speed, courage & SMILE of Colin. Condolences
Jean CALCAT - 27/09/2007 08:23:24

u touched many lives and left great impressions my kids a rally fans our prayers a with the entire families who lost their loved ones REST IN PIECE WITH YR LITTLE JOHNNY and in god's blessed holy arms.
Anna - 27/09/2007 08:13:06

A true legends my heart goes out to the familly they will be truely missed
Anonomous - 27/09/2007 07:54:11

Colin's talents were absolutely outstanding and a personal inspiration. His contribution to the world of WRC will never be forgotten. My thoughts are with the McRae family for their increadible loss.
Sandra - 27/09/2007 07:54:10

A true legends my heart goes out to the familly they will be truely missed
Anonomous - 27/09/2007 07:54:02

Its hard to believe that Colin Mcrae is no more'May their sole lay in peace Hats of to the Great Rally Maestro'
Akshay Manae(India) - 27/09/2007 07:51:03

It is really sad that a great driver, a great father and a great husband lost his life in this terrible accident. His son followed him to that everlasting trip. He was a great man... May God forgive him, his son and their friends...See you in heaven Colin... Ο ΘΕΟΣ ΑΣ ΑΝΑΠΑΥΣΕΙ ΤΗΝ ΨΥΧΗ ΣΑΣ
IOANNIS VELISKIOTIS - 27/09/2007 07:19:40

Adios amigos.
William David - 27/09/2007 07:19:40

Mis mas sinceras condolencias, tras la perdida de un buen piloto y un gran ser humano. Espero que su alma y la de jhonny este en el cielo. My condolencies to his wife and daughter...! i am a subaru fanatic and always was following collins steps from the track to the games, so im very sad because of this paintfull lost. I´ll always kepp his goals on mind and hope to be has nice person as he was.
Luis Liendo - 27/09/2007 07:16:34

I am sincerely sorry to hear about the loss of Colin & Johnny. May the entire McRae family & friends around them be blessed in all ways as the world is praying for you! God Bless, Brian
Brian - USA - 27/09/2007 07:16:16

Sorry for you tragic loss. Colin was a star - and Johnny a star in the making....
Steve Smith - 27/09/2007 07:08:06

May God Rest Their Souls.
USA - 27/09/2007 07:02:36

my lasting memory of colin will always be the speed event at lanark auction mart. i arrived, families with kids, every kind of spectator. a woman in high heels and white top stops in her tracks as a bike engined buggy goes buy, splattering mud, small stones and water over everybody, including a few nice cars. her top was ruined!!! It made everyone smile mind you. thats was colin all over....
brian haile - 27/09/2007 07:02:35

Colin McRae was and will always remains as one of the best rally driver in the world. Even if you don't know anything about wrc championship, lots of young people around the world know about the most famous car racing game serie. Colin, we will never forget you. My deapest condolence for the family and all his friends. Hyun, from Paris FRANCE
Hyun - 27/09/2007 06:50:09

My thoughts and prayers go out to the McRae family. Colin was a great rally driver. He will be missed.
Michael Poland - 27/09/2007 06:47:12

"This, too, shall pass." - South African proverb May the Creator comfort you during this trying time.
Erica Tyson - 27/09/2007 06:44:01

Great man, great loss. rip
Racky Bhamra - 27/09/2007 06:42:37

I can't tell you how sad I am to hear this news. I have followed his career since the 90s and have always wanted to meet him. He was one of the biggest inspirations to become more attuned with rallying and I will never forget the days of how he and Tommi Makinen were the 2 most prominent racers in the world. I want to be able to do something more for you but I don't know how. He was an incredible man, and I wish him and his son have the respect in the afterlife that they did here, because they deserve it.
Ian Cole - 27/09/2007 06:34:34

Here where I(20) live (Curacao, Netherlands Antillies) there are not many people who are rally fans. But I'm one of them. Colin was one of the best drivers ever and being a big fan of him I will really miss him. Colin R.I.P. you left us to soon, really to soon.....:(:(:(:(
Chirtopher Manuel - 27/09/2007 04:16:18

He was the greatest racer and the most gentleman person who i have ever seen in the WRC...We will never forget him...
Oguz OLGUN - 27/09/2007 03:59:33

My sincere condolences to the remaining family and friends of Colin and his son.
Mark Hurrell - 27/09/2007 03:54:10

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Colin and his son. For many years i enjoyed watching him wiz around on dirt roads. He was probably the one driver who kept me interested in rally through out the years. My condolences go out to the McRae family and friends.
Armand Ciabattoni - 27/09/2007 03:44:37

All in the Lost Souls Division wrestling are sorry to hear the news and for your loss. Colin was a great man and did alot of great things. Johnny's life, as well as his frind's life, were taken too soon. Our condolence's to all the families involved with this tragedy. Best Wishes, Steve(Mizrey)McKeough- And all the Lost Souls
Steve (Mizery) lost souls division wrestling - 27/09/2007 03:36:39

A very good person, a big loss, but lets all keep the happy memories of him and his son.
Angello Balbuena - 27/09/2007 03:36:37

This is a real sad loss why cant people just get on with it? If it was a member of your own familey how would you feel if the press kept going on and on. Dont think its fare alot....its actualy sick and sad so leave it out. regards to the family and there sad loss. Vonny
vonny - 27/09/2007 03:36:02

I am saddened to hear of your loss. I remember when I was young I used to watch Colin racing with my own dad. It was a tragedy. He and his son will be missed. Ewan Macdonald.
Ewan Macdonald - 27/09/2007 03:21:45

I've lost a real true hero from my life! But my grief is only a patch on the families involved. My heart goes out to you all. Until I see you on the great big stage in the sky, so long Colin.
Steve Murray - 27/09/2007 03:19:38

My deepest sympathy and condolences on your terrible lose especially to Mr Jimmy (who was my hero), a child should never pass away before there parents. Sorry there is nothing I can say or do that will make this any easier. Respectfully Malcolm Greig
Malcolm Greig - 27/09/2007 03:17:57

We greatly saddened when we heard the news of the crash. Colin will certainly be missed by fans of Rally.
Blair & Craig Coote - 27/09/2007 03:16:36

A true Scottish legend. It amazed us all what a talented driver Colin was. A true hero. He will be sadly missed.
kevin anderson - 27/09/2007 03:08:09

GODSPEED Johnny and Colin
Joseph Capobianco and fimily - 27/09/2007 02:27:58

I am so sorry for your losses. It's hard enough to lose a loved one who has experienced life but losing those babies has to be especially hard. God be with all the families.
Kristin Lewis - 27/09/2007 02:00:32

a very sad day for motorsport, a legend and a legend to be. You will always be in our hearts.
john willis - 27/09/2007 01:58:29

Colin you will live on in our hearts forever.. :(:(
A. Dunkley - 27/09/2007 01:56:03

goodbay,colin and jonny
swen - 27/09/2007 01:51:38

Well Colin, i guess i only ever got to meet you the couple of times, i was only little at the time and cant remember, you and R.Burns where both my rally heros, you realy where mr steele mcrae, always will be, your famous saying "IF IN DOUBT, FLAT OUT", i will never ever forget you guys, i also am disapointed in not seeing little johnny in the RAC and WRC but i guess he always wanted to be with you and forever will be, you make sure you learn him good on how to enter 90 corners flat out, so he can enter the WRC in the clouds, may ALL 4 of you R.I.P and a R.I.P to R.Burns also, may the mcrae family, the duncan family and porceli family, make that dreadful day of Sat Sept 15th a day to remember for the good times you had and not the bad. All the best Corey
Corey - 27/09/2007 01:47:54

To the McRae's, Im so sorry that your family must go through such a terrible tragedy. It will be hard, but please be there for each other and rely on your friends they will help you. Im just a rally fan from the states, ive never met Colin, but i loved watching him work. He geniuinly seemed like a nice person and it came across even on television during interviews. All the best, Paul
Paul Amatulli - 27/09/2007 01:36:29

a muerto un campeon,el mejor de los adversarios de carlos sainz y el mas admirado por mi,un seguidor. descanse en paz colin mcrae
Angel Iuvara Bolaños Santiago (iuvi) - 27/09/2007 01:33:49

Since I was a child I've always watched Colin and WRC. He is the main reason why I love cars and WRC so much. Colin will forever remain a legend of the WRC motorsport. He will also remain a loving and caring Husband/Father, Johnny was lucky to have a father like Colin and they will be missed so greatly. Colin You Are My Hero RIP
Mattias - 27/09/2007 01:30:26

sorry about the trageddy of colin and his son .such a shame..I still number 1 fan of his hands for driving very sad 2
javier lituma - 27/09/2007 01:26:32

To the Family of Mr. Colin Mcrae I would like to offer you my most sincere condolences.. Being from Canada, I beleive that I speak for everyone from here who was a huge fan of Mr. Mcrae that we are very saddened by this news. Even as far away as Canada, to me and my friends who are in love with rally racing, he was one of our heroes that we watched and followed while growing up. Again, please except my condolences, we here in Canada are thinking of your family. Thank you, and take care, Steve Curtis Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Steve Curtis - 27/09/2007 01:24:21

Godspeed Johnny and Colin, and friends. May the family have strength in these times; celebrate the gift of life - it is precious in every way.
Mauro - 27/09/2007 01:23:06

It's was very diffcult to accept this sad news!! McRae is my all time WRC Hero! I am so sorry for his lost, please send my best regards to your family My deepest condolences . Let us all pray that his soul R.I.P and that the members of your family get the strength to continue with their lives without his physical presence. Regards
Johnny Chen - 27/09/2007 01:16:21

Goodbye to the Flower of Scotland and your beautiful son. We will never see yer like again. Our thoughts are with your family at this awful time. May God hold you all in the palm of his hand. Rest in Peace.
Jan Fellows - 27/09/2007 01:07:57

R.I.P. from CZech Republic,i pray for you,forever,GOD with us at all !
Zoltan Ivanics - 27/09/2007 01:04:48

Goodbye to the Flower of Scotland and your beautiful son. We will never see yer like again. Our thoughts are with your family at this awful time. May God hold you all in the palm of his hand. Rest in Peace.
Jan Fellows - 27/09/2007 01:04:42

Colin #1 in rally.
Gianluca - 27/09/2007 00:51:37

I send my deepest condolences to the Mcrae Family. He was the most celebrated WRC Champ. he has inspired me in many ways. I know that he will be missed and the world has lost a very good man, not to mention my favorite Rally Driver
Paul Hendrickson - 27/09/2007 00:44:58

My deepest sympathy to both your families for such unexpected and tragic losses. Colin truely inspired people as everyone is already aware. As a boy myself and my friends all wanted to be as skillfull and amazing as Colin McRae the No1 motor sport professional. As a boy Colin inspired me with his skill and passion for motor sport. "Rally Cross was Colin McRae" A great era has come to an end. God bless you, I embrass you all with love in these difficult times to come.. Neil King Age 34 Newcastle Upon Tyne
Neil W King - 27/09/2007 00:44:27

va com deus grandioso colin mcrae!
kenny - 27/09/2007 00:42:36

Condolences to all the family. We watched Colin on several rallies, he made it for us and will never be forgotten.R.I.P
Steve&Micheline; Bolton - 27/09/2007 00:35:55

Colin was the greatest Rally-Driver and a very nice Man!!! In German: Ich habe es geliebt, mir seine spektakulären Rennen anzuschauen und in seinen Interviews hat er seine herzliche und lockere Art bewiesen!!! Es tut mir wirklich sehr leid für seine Familie und auch um seinen Sohn!!! Colin Mc Rae forever!!!
Marcel "AJ" from Germany - 27/09/2007 00:33:46

cant believe of loss!!! never EVER will be forgoten by raleigh / motocross troops. you will always be r espected at drumclog. Brian Gillon Wishaw
brian gillon - 27/09/2007 00:33:15

My condolences go out to the McRae family. Colin made such an impact on the Subaru community and will truly be missed.
Matt - 27/09/2007 00:31:45

much love to you all - you are all in my thoughts and prayers x x x x
louise - 27/09/2007 00:28:10

Iam very sad to hear that Colin was killed and I feel sorry for is family and friends. I never met him and I never followed Rally very much but I new of Colin and him winning the Championship in 1995 he was a great sportsman and I great Scotsman He will be sadly mised by everyone.
Christopher McMillan - 27/09/2007 00:27:50

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Colin's passing. A true hero to so many and a true gent as well. I was priveleged enough to meet Colin on a number of occasions throughout his rally career and always found him to be so down to earth He often remained behind after many of the other drivers had left and signed autographs for his many fans. I hope that his family can take some comfort from all the messages on here that show just how much Colin was loved. R.I.P Colin
Vince Gould - 27/09/2007 00:26:02

On behalf of my family and myself we wish you all our sincerest condolences. My family and I enjoyed seeing Collin race over the years and wish you much love, strength, peace, & happiness in this unfortunate time. May God bless you all and we will keep you and you in our hearts and prayers! Sincerely, Frank Aguilar
Frank Aguilar & Family - 27/09/2007 00:25:51

i am sending my deepest condolences out to the mcrea family for the loss of colin and johnny i was shocked to hear such a great man lost his life in such a terrible accident i followed his carrier for many years and became a marshall in the rally world hoping to get a chance to meet him but never did but would really liked to have none him so im sending my heart out to you all and i know im talking for all his fans when i say he will be sadly missed and never
wayne johnson - 27/09/2007 00:25:01

i am so sorry to hear this news and for your loss. Remember "Life is not measured by the amount of breaths that we take, rather, those moments that take our breath away " were thinking of you all.
A wood - 27/09/2007 00:24:35

RIP. Condolences to the family of the most famous rallye legend. As a father and driver I can't say more anything...:((
subarufan - 27/09/2007 00:21:14 were a king among men.. a true legend,i find myself crying here trying to describe wat you ment to me.. words will never be enough.. my heart goes out to the familys x x x
daniel hannigan - 27/09/2007 00:20:59

Our thoughts are with you Alison and Hollie. You must be devastated at your loss. It will take time, take each day a step at a time. Be proud of your Brother, Hollie, and of your Dad. They'll want you to be happy. God Bless.
Ant Smith - 27/09/2007 00:20:07

Such a sad and immense loss not only to your family and friends who knew you well, but to the whole world who knew a absolute star and hero. Now that star is lighting the heavens. Rest in peace Colin and Johnny
mary byrne - 27/09/2007 00:16:31

My deepest sympathies to the mcrae family for their losses. Rallying has lost the best thing to ever happen it. colin mcrae the legend. r.i.p!
nigel - 27/09/2007 00:16:11

I'm offering my condolences to the family somebody who brought many years of happiness to my meagre and humble existence through his exploits on the World Rally Scene. My thoughts also go out to everybody who grieves at this sad time and may the upcoming celebration of their life, bring eternal happiness..
Michael Golding - 27/09/2007 00:15:15

sorry for your loss.
danny - 27/09/2007 00:11:31

So so sorry for all families and friends affected by this tragedy. I am the same age as Colin and marvel at how very much he packed into those 39 years. God Bless.
Alex - 27/09/2007 00:10:58

The saddest news and a great loss.
Chris Braithwaite - 27/09/2007 00:07:18

A very sad news, great man, real hero to me.
Santiago S. - 27/09/2007 00:04:11

I remember watching Colin 20 years ago beating much more powerful cars, in fantastic style, in a little Vauxhall Nova. And his dad moving from 4wd Toyota to only 2wd Ford to give Colin a proper drive. 'The Greats' don't just win, they win in style. That's how I speak of Colin to my son. And I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this. I wish to offer my sincere condolences.
Gary - 27/09/2007 00:02:12

Thank you Colin... You will be missed... Our thoughts and prayers are with your family...
Greg Starr - 27/09/2007 00:00:58

The tragedy of your loss has touched me in a way I never could have expected, since I dont know you. Your family and friends are in my thoughts. With much love xx
FR - 26/09/2007 23:56:00

I have been a fan of Colin for many years. I was shocked to hear of his his passing.I want the family to know that I share in their pain and I hope they remain strong through this very difficult time
Bjorn Forbes - 26/09/2007 23:54:02

My heart sank when i heard the news such a tragic loss of two beautiful people, colin an inspiration and Jonny a wee little boy. My heart goes out to their family and we remember the good times. god bless and thankyou colin for the wonderful races. Chris
Chris Hand - 26/09/2007 23:51:07

My family's prayers go out to you at your time of need.
Charles Eyster - 26/09/2007 23:45:46

We will miss u! RIP MacRaeś!
Ainar Viisel - 26/09/2007 23:45:35

Colin you were my hero I loved to watch you drive you made it look so easy. My thoughts are with your family circle. Rest in Peace Colin & johnny
Hughie Mc Callan - 26/09/2007 23:44:30

from all the way in Barbados West indies. Colin you were my idol and will all ways be remembered by me .many time i fought for your name people just could not understand why i looked up too you but as i always say the BEST RALLY DRIVER in my time. COLIN MCRAE may you R.I.P
julian jemmott - 26/09/2007 23:44:10

Colin you were my hero I loved to watch you drive you made it look so easy. My thoughts are with your family circle. Rest in Peace Colin & johnny
Hughie Mc Callan - 26/09/2007 23:44:09

colin seen you at knockhill earlier this year wish i had said hello but we were in the resturant it was busy you and johnny R.I.P gary steven (stirling)
gary steven - 26/09/2007 23:42:29

Desde Costa Rica, un sincero y sentido pésame. Si bien has partido físicamente, tus logros en los rallyes quedarán por siempre en los recuerdos de quienes amamos, lo que mejor sabías hecer, el Rally. Dios, sin lugar a dudas; querrá ser tu coopiloto.
Luis Montoya - 26/09/2007 23:41:55

May you both rest in peace together. Never to be forgotten.
Patricia - 26/09/2007 23:41:11

may god give you lot of strenght to get by this tragedy R.I.P Johnny and Colin
upkar gill - 26/09/2007 23:40:59

Colin McRae was a champion to the world of motorsport and to everyone who supported him. I hope that Colin and Johnny will be remembered as TURE CHAMPIONS as they were so special. A sad day for British motorsport fans and to the world. My heart goes out to them.
Dean Powell - 26/09/2007 23:37:56

My prayers and sympathy to all families. My thanks for the memories. God bless.
Jeff Brooks, Sullivan Kentucky - 26/09/2007 23:36:16

It was only when I got behind the wheel of a car in Scotland for the first time that I really bgan to pprecaite fully the enormity of Colin's achievements as a driver and his place among the pantheon of great Scottish drivers. Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart to name only a couple. Thanks for the memories especially the RAC when you won the WRC. My condolences and thoughts are with your family at this time.
Fearghas Carruthers - 26/09/2007 23:29:53

A sporting hero that will be sadly missed but never forgotton.May the angels be with both of you.
Derek Mitchell - 26/09/2007 23:28:11

R.I.P to colin and his son and ben and graham. Will be sorely missed by all and i hope their families will get over their losses in this most difficult and tragic time. :(
Norrie - 26/09/2007 23:28:03

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